Speech Enhancement: Theory and Practice, Second Edition


Speech Enhancement: Theory and Practice, Second Edition introduces readers to the basic problems of speech enhancement and the various algorithms proposed to solve these problems. Updated and expanded, this second […]

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Overview of A Typical Speech Recognition System


Automatic Speech recognition is the process of automatically converting an acoustic signal, captured by a microphone or telephone, to a set of words. The recognized words can be the final […]

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The Business Benefits of Speech Technology & Voice Recognition Technology

By: Sassine Mazraani    In business, it is always necessary to try to stay ahead, use new technology and be innovative. Looking for ways to improve service and provide a […]

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How To Choose Voice Recognition Software?

Voice recognition software allows the user to use their voice as an input device so they can dictate text directly into the computer as well as give the computer commands […]

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Animatronic Tongue that Simulates Speech Production

Robin Hofe, a PhD student at the University of Sheffield has developed an animatronic tongue in order to study the mechanisms of speech production. This will eventually lead to a […]

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Human Hearing Test

The ear is an amazing body part because it enables humans and animals to hear what goes on around them. Hearing is one of the five senses of the body. […]

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Best Speech Recognition Books

There are many speech recognition books out in the market but here is the list of selected best speech recognition books which I found very useful during my study and […]

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Best Speech Enhancement Books

You can find a lot of conference and journal papers on speech enhancement but finding the right speech enhancement books which cover necessary and practical aspects of the subject is a challenge. I […]

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Best Speech Processing Books

If you are searching for the best speech processing books, you are at the right place. Here you can find the top rated books which are popular among researchers and and scientists.   Speech […]

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Best Digital Signal Processing Textbooks

This page provides you a list of best digital signal processing textbooks. If you are new to digital signal processing, reading a couple of good books can greatly improve your […]

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