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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Professional Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Professional

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 10 is the most accurate speech recognition product Nuance has ever developed – delivering up to 99% accuracy! Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Professional enables professional PC users to create documents and e-mails, fill out forms, and streamline workflow tasks all by speaking. Its fast, easy and amazingly accurate, and offers complete enterprise network support, as well as support for Windows Vista 64-Bit operating systems.


Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard

With Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard you can talk to your computer and watch your spoken words instantly appear in documents, e-mails, and instant messages. Its fast, easy and amazingly accurate. Supports Windows Vista 64-Bt operating systems. A high-quality headset is included.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred 

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred

Turn your voice into text three times faster than most people type with up to 99% accuracy. Create email, documents and spreadsheets simply by speaking. Now works with Windows Vista 64-Bit!

MacSpeech Dictate MacSpeech Dictate

MacSpeech Dictate provides amazing speech recognition accuracy and works with your existing applications. Requires only five minutes of training and is remarkably easy to use.

Dragon Medical 10 truly delivers on the promise of speech recognition in healthcare. Dragon Medical 10 is 30% more accurate than the previous release.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Legal speech recognition software is a powerful productivity tool that enables legal professionals to work faster and significantly reduce their reliance on support staff and outside transcription services.

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