Speech Recognition

The Business Benefits of Speech Technology & Voice Recognition Technology

By: Sassine Mazraani


In business, it is always necessary to try to stay ahead, use new technology and be innovative. Looking for ways to improve service and provide a better experience for your customers comes down to improvements in customer service and more efficiency in operations. You have the ability to make use of new speech to text and voice recognition technology to help you provide top notch service to your clients.


Using Technology


Every industry can benefit from improvements in customer service. New developments in speech to text and voice recognition technology has allowed for businesses to improve their customer service drastically.


Everyone from writers to medical services to call centers can use voice recognition software to provide service that is more fluent. Voice recognition software can also help to reduce costs, increase productivity and reduce stress for both customers and employees.


Benefits to Expect


Voice recognition software allows a business to put employees to better use. Software can handle answering incoming calls and routing calls. It can enable a company to reduce staff and cut training costs. Many tedious job duties related to phone operations can be streamlined and simplified.


Instead of having an employee who answers and routes phone calls, the software can handle the task. This allows that employee to be put to better use elsewhere or the position to be eliminated all together.


For call centers, voice recognition software can free up agents to handle calls that are more complex. Simple calls can be handled through the system where customers can guide themselves to the answers they need.


Speech to text software is perfect for anyone who wants to multitask. It makes it simple to dictate notes or documents verbally to the program that then turns those spoken words into written text. This is perfect for administrators, writers and ideal for those who spend much of the day moving around without time to spend in front of a computer. There are some programs that can be used via a mobile phone, which sends the information back to the computer.


Advances to Appreciate


The advances in voice recognition and text to speech technology have been great. If you have ever used an automated phone system then you can probably agree that these programs are advancing.


In the beginning, voice recognition and text to speech technology had many draw backs. The different accents and ways of saying words could confuse the system. This would lead to frustration on the part of the person using the system. Today’s systems, though, are much more advanced. They are better made to recognize hard to understand accents and alterations in the way people speech. This has reduced frustrations with voice recognition programs and allows them to be more readily used by businesses.


There is no need to be concerned about implementing a voice recognition program in your company. Thee are a range of options and different programs that allow you to find the system that will best suit your needs and allow you to best serve your customers and employees.




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