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Speech and audio processing is an advanced technology that has attracted scientists and engineers over the past five decades. One of the reasons is that audio is the preferred mean of human communication. A lot of effort has been focused on efficient algorithms for audio analysis and coding with an ultimate goal of transforming audio to highly compressed forms while maintaining the intelligibility at the receiving end. Other reasons involve the human desire to make daily tasks easy by utilizing advancements in technology so that the machines could be able to understand human speech and also respond in a natural-sounding human voice. An enhanced understanding of how humans perceive audio and produce speech has also led to further development in audio technology. There is a wide variety of commercial audio and voice applications:

  • Automatic Dictation and Command Control system
  • Text to Speech systems which convert text to natural-sounding human speech
  • Speech and music enhancement applications dealing with unexpected signal variability and distortions
  • High fidelity music production
  • Speaker Recognition being utilized in security applications

Despite the great advances in speech technology, there are many issues that have to be resolved. For instance, the performance of Voice-to-Text systems is notoriously bad in the presence of noise. Human listeners are capable of understanding the voice in really bad acoustic conditions.

This site has been built with the goal to provide you up-to-date information and resources related to speech and audio technology. Here you can find:

  • Information about books
  • Technical publications
  • Links for demos and tutorials
  • Information about people and research groups actively involved in audio processing research around the world
  • and much more

If you are aware of something related to speech and audio processing that is not mentioned here, please send us your suggestions.

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