Digital Signal Processing

(6 Books)

Understanding Digital Signal Processing (2nd Edition)

The effects of DSP has entered every phase of our lives, from singing greeting cards to CD players and cell phones to medical x-ray analysis. Without DSP, there would be no Internet. In recent years, every aspect of engineering and science has been influenced by DSP because of the ubiquitous desktop computer and readily available signal processing software.

Price: $64

Multirate Digital Signal Processing

The book is a classic and will always be timeless. Intended for a one-semester advanced graduate course in digital signal processing or as a reference for practicing engineers and researchers. It can be used for self-study and solving real-world DSP problems.

Price: $108.3

Digital Signal Processing (4th Edition)

A significant revision of a best-selling text for the introductory digital signal processing course. This book presents the fundamentals of discrete-time signals, systems, and modern digital processing.

Price: $138.60 - 176.00

Discrete-Time Signal Processing (3rd Edition)

Discrete-Time Signal Processing is ideal for those with introductory-level knowledge of signals and systems. It provides thorough treatment of the fundamental theorems and properties of discrete-time linear systems, filtering, sampling, and discrete-time Fourier Analysis.

Price: $128.48 - 176.00

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Speech Enhancement

(3 Books)

Speech and Audio Processing in Adverse Environments (Signals and Communication Technology)

The book reflects the state of the art in important areas of speech and audio signal processing. It presents topics which are missed so far and most recent findings in the field. Leading international experts report on their field of work and their new results.

Price: $179

Speech Enhancement: Theory and Practice (Signal Processing and Communications)

The first book to provide comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of all major speech enhancement algorithms proposed in the last two decades, Speech Enhancement: Theory and Practice is a valuable resource for experts and newcomers in the field.

Price: $111.63

Advanced Signal Processing and Noise Reduction, 2nd Edition

This second edition provides a thoroughly revised and expanded introduction to the fundamentals of random processes, Bayesian modelling, and noise reduction.

Price: $72.5

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Speech Recognition

(3 Books)

Speech Recognition: Theory and C++ Implementation

It addresses in detail C++ programming techniques used to develop ASR applications, thus offering skills that will prove useful in any large C++ based software project. Possible extensions of the well-established ASR technology are highlighted, based on "Hidden Markov Models".

Price: $188.43

Statistical Methods for Speech Recognition

This book reflects decades of important research on the mathematical foundations of speech recognition. It focuses on underlying statistical techniques such as hidden Markov models, the EM algorithm, parameter and data clustering, and smoothing of probability distributions.

Price: $55

Fundamentals of Speech Recognition

This book is a comprehensive and excellent introduction to the ever-expanding field of Automatic Speech Recognition. Covers production, perception, and acoustic-phonetic characterization of the speech signal; signal processing and analysis methods for speech recognition; and much more.

Price: $45 to 86

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