Understanding Digital Signal Processing (2nd Edition)


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The effects of DSP has entered every phase of our lives, from singing greeting cards to CD players and cell phones to medical x-ray analysis. Without DSP, there would be no Internet. In recent years, every aspect of engineering and science has been influenced by DSP because of the ubiquitous desktop computer and readily available signal processing software. This book provides engineers and scientists, who are relative beginners to DSP, their best opportunity to learn the basic mathematical and practical-engineering aspects of the burgeoning field of DSP. The book strikes the right balance of mathematical level, and practical engineering guidance, making it accessible to the beginner without dumbing down the topic of DSP. This edition of Understanding Digital Signal Processing will continue bridging the gap between DSP theory and practice. The presentation of additional quadrature processing material makes the book more relevant, and useful, to DSP practitioners in the burgeoning fields of digital communications and wireless networking systems. The new digital filtering material covers modern filter design techniques not covered in our competitor’s books. Finally, the popular ‘Digital Signal Processing Tricks’ material will be expanded to further aid working DSP engineers solve their day-to-day signal processing problems as they design and build commercial products and aerospace systems.

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From the Back Cover

Amazon.com’s top-selling DSP book for 5 straight years-now fully updated!

Real-world DSP solutions for working professionals!

Understanding Digital Signal Processing, Second Edition is quite simply the best way for engineers, and other technical professionals, to master and apply DSP techniques. Lyons has updated and expanded his best-selling first edition-building on the exceptionally readable coverage that made it the favorite of professionals worldwide.

This book achieves the perfect balance between theory and practice, making DSP accessible to beginners without ever oversimplifying it. Comprehensive in scope and gentle in approach, keeping the math at a tolerable level, this book helps readers thoroughly grasp the basics and quickly move on to more sophisticated techniques.

This edition adds extensive new coverage of quadrature signals for digital communications; recent improvements in digital filtering; and much more. It also contains more than twice as many “DSP Tips and Tricks”… including clever techniques even seasoned professionals may have overlooked.

  • Down-to-earth, intuitive, and example-rich, with detailed numerical exercises
  • Stresses practical, day-to-day DSP implementations and problem-solving
  • All-new quadrature processing coverage includes easy-to-understand 3D drawings
  • Extended coverage of IIR filters; plus frequency sampling, interpolated FIR filters
  • New coverage of multirate systems; including both polyphase and cascaded integrator-comb FIR filters
  • Coverage includes: periodic sampling, DFT, FFT, digital filters, discrete Hilbert transforms, sample rate conversion, quantization, signal averaging, and more

About the Author

RICHARD G. LYONS is consulting systems engineer and lecturer with Besser Associates in Mountain View, CA. He has been lead hardware engineer for multimillion dollar DSP systems for both the National Security Agency (NSA) and TRW, Inc. Lyons has taught DSP at the University of California Santa Cruz Extension and has authored numerous articles on DSP. As Associate Editor for IEEE Signal Processing, he created and edits the magazine’s “DSP Tips & Tricks” column.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Gentle introduction to DSP October 9, 2005
If you are considering studying digital signal processing for the first time, I would strongly suggest studying this book in conjunction with the Schaum’s outline on digital signal processing, and then going on to a more formal text, such as “Digital Signal Processing: Principles, Algorithms and Applications” by Proakis. This book uses and explains the required background mathematics, with instructive diagrams shown throughout. The author also bothers to explain to the reader the “whys” of digital signal processing. For example, the book even takes the time to explain to the reader the reason that you would want to filter digitally in the first place. All of the basics are covered, including the discrete Fourier Transform, Finite and Infinite Impulse Response filters, the Fast Fourier Transform, and a unique chapter on digital signal processing tricks including data windowing tricks, frequency translation without multiplication, and real-time DC removal. Particularly helpful is that filter design methods are broken down algorithmically into numbered steps with the associated equations. Complete design examples of these methods are also shown to hammer home the concept. Throughout the book, the author assumes the audience is an engineer that, in the end, wants to use this information to build something useful, not to sit through one derivation after another.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best book on DSP ever. October 11, 2005
I am an engineer who has read many books, good and bad, obfuscating and illuminating, and concise and lengthy. This is the best by far on the complex (double entendre intentional) subject of DSP. His appendices alone are worth the price of the book. I wish every course on DSP used this text.


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